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MKI Exterior Painting & House Painters
Professional Interior Painting & Exterior Painting Northbrook

MKI Exterior Painting & House Painters is a full-service painting contractor Northbrook. Our painters Northbrook are experts, skilled, friendly, and personable. We are dedicated to helping our customers understand their options and provide beautiful and stylish projects. We specialize in interior painting, exterior painting, house brick painting, and siding painting Northbrook for various properties. To achieve sleek and precise results that will last for a long time, our painting contractors perform spray painting on multiple surfaces. From the smallest to the most extensive paint service, you can trust our painting contractors to handle all of your residential painting needs. We have been providing painting services for more than fifteen years and have grown to be one of the top-notch and most respected painting companies Northbrook. 

We always do our best to reassure our customers of the quality and expertise. We will work with you to prepare an estimate, go over the details, and answer all your questions. We look forward to giving you the most satisfactory experience possible while ensuring the safety and health of our customers.

Our Offer Includes a Wide Range of Professional Exterior Painting & Interior Painting Northbrook Services


Interior Painting

Our interior painting Northbrook will provide an efficient, seamless, meticulous painting job that will make a big difference to your property's overall look and impact. Whether you need a full remodel of your home, a new accent wall, or other painting projects, our interior painters will provide you a high-quality service and impeccable finish.


Exterior Painting

One of the most effective ways to enhance your house's curb appeal in Northbrook is through exterior painting. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled professional painting contractors to complete a makeover of your home without stress or hassle. Our exterior house paint will provide you a final product you can be proud of.


House Brick Painting

If your brick is outdated, imagine what you can do when it comes to attracting potential buyers or increasing your home's value? At MKI Exterior Painting & House Painters, we have skilled painters that provide meticulous and patient work for your house brick painting. Call us today for a cost-effective way to boost your home's curb appeal.


Siding Painting

Your home's siding can take on a worn and faded appearance over time. Our painting contractors Northbrook have been painting vinyl sidings and other materials for many years. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from for a reasonable price to freshen up the exterior of your home.


Exterior House Paint

At MKI Exterior Painting & House Painters, we ensure that our customers that avail of our exterior house painting are always satisfied. We understand that you want the best for your facade to look fresh and brand new without spending too much. Call us today to start with your exterior house paint project.


Spray Painting

With our spray painting Northbrook, you'll get a beautiful finish and consistent result. Our spray painters complete your project quickly using the latest tools with the set of skills to get it right. No matter the size of your project, you can expect the best quality services from us.

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Trust Our Expert Painters Northbrook Crew With Your Interior Painting or Exterior Painting Project!

Home painting is one of the quickest, most economical, and easiest ways to scale up the overall look of your home. A newly painted home can help you stand out in the neighborhood and give you peace of mind and comfort after having a long day at work. Re-painting is also the primary maintenance of a house. This time, there are many available surface paints for interior painting or exterior painting Northbrook you can choose from to give your place or each room a unique identity. Painting can be a daunting task that requires professional painters’ expertise for long-lasting and good finishing. There are many painting companies today, but not everyone can handle or provide meticulous painting services. If you are looking for painting contractors Northbrook, you can trust MKI Exterior Painting & House Painters. Our house painters are highly qualified, legitimate, and skilled. We have the best tools and techniques to perform your painting project with precision and perfection. We only use quality paint for your interior, exterior, and house brick painting and ensure no messy flakes, debris, chips. Call us today to know more about our painting services Northbrook.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Our Reliable Painting Contractors Northbrook

Quality Work
To get quality work, don't wait and hire a MKI Exterior Painting & House Painters with many years of experience and knowledge in prepping walls to make the result last longer.
Detailed to Perfection
When it comes to house painting or interior painting Northbrook, every brushstroke counts, there are many details to consider. That is why it's a great idea to hire professionals painters because they are aware of every concern and detail to achieve perfection. 
A painting contractor can get any paint job much quicker because of the techniques and experience they have. 
Aside from getting high-quality work, another reason to work with a professional painting company is insurance. You can save a lot of trouble with insured and experienced painting companies like MKI Exterior Painting & House Painters. We are certified, and we have proper licensing to do any painting services Northbrook.  
Professional painters have access to the right tools and materials. They know which tools to use aside from the paintbrush. All you pay is for the service, and they handle the rest.

What Are the Signs That Your Home Is in Need of Our Interior Painting Northbrook Services?

The years that passed since the first time your home had been painted could indicate whether it needs to be repainted. The quality of paint used and the skills of the painters also affect how long it will take before the next house painting Northbrook service is needed. But usually, it takes five to eight years before repainting is necessary.
Paint also fades over time due to regular wear and tear regardless of the quality of paint you used or how it was applied. If your home doesn’t look as vibrant as before, the best solution is to hire professional painting contractors Northbrook to bring back its beauty. Fading paint can also be a sign of water intrusion so repainting your home is necessary.
The most apparent sign that your home needs repainting is cracked paint. Aside from looking terrible, it can also impose health issues if the paint contains lead. Make sure that the interior paint of your home doesn’t have cracks, if it does, it is best to ask interior painters Northbrook to come over and renew it.

How Our Painting Contractors Northbrook Assure Faultless Interior Painting Process?

Prepping the Surfaces
Before our painting contractors Northbrook start, preparing the walls/surfaces can be the most time-consuming task, aside from the painting itself. A properly prepped wall can lead to a successful painting project. Painters will scrape, sand, patch, clean dust, fill holes, repair cracks, other damages that may hinder a flawless finish.

We Only Use High-Quality Roller Covers and Brushes
With low-cost roller covers, it can leave marks and lint, which can get stuck on your paint. When it dries, it causes bumps and uneven paint, which will be much more difficult to repair. The same thing goes for a poor-quality brush that may leave streaks on your walls. Our painting contractors Northbrook are stingy regarding the tools they bring to provide quality results.

Secure Furniture, Hardware, and Floors
The best way to get flawless paint is to avoid any splatters and spills. We will secure and cover every trim, furniture, or floor that are not to be painted. Our interior painters Northbrook value every investment inside your home, so we ensure everything is protected.

Only the Best Quality of Paint
Low-cost paints are often thinner and have fewer solids. Good quality paint will have a smooth and better coverage. Our painting services Northbrook only use high-quality paints for flawless, smooth, and long-lasting results.

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